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right now at 5:59, one of the key players that cost david petraeus his job is inside his d.c. home. and whether petraeus will face lawmakers on the hill. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we're waking up to a freezing cold morning. lows in the 30s, 20s across the area as well. if you're hoping for another big warmup -- >> are you laughing? >> just keep hoping, my friends. >> keep hope alive. i'm hoping it warms up someday. >> we had that long stretch, two weeks of colder than average weather. then we had the brief warmup. and now here we go again. another long stretch of colder than average weather. make friends with your coach. you'll be needing it. seven mornings at least, we'll be near freezing. this morning, at or below freezing much of the region. a few clouds showing up on the storm team 4 satellite image. showing the clouds north and west of the pennsylvania border, panhandle of west virginia. temperatures right in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees.
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that includes montgomery county, prince george's, arlington, fairfax, just about all of virginia and maryland. right near the bay waters for the tidal potomac. a few locations in the low 20s to upper teens out in north central west virginia. by 7:00 a.m., bright sun and a blue sky. still near freezing and a light wind. winds may pick up by noontime in the mid-40s. by midafternoon upper 40s. by late afternoon a few clouds coming in back down to the mid-40s after sunset. sunrise at 6:30. sunset at 4:55. first 4 traffic on this wednesday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning. thanks, tom. we're going to start with i-270 as you make your way southbound at finger ford road 80. earlier crash there still causing delays. it just moved to the shoulder lane. luckily, your travel lanes are open, but you are just sluggish out of frederick. let's head over if you're traveling in the manassas area. prince william parkway at ell g
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wellington road. an accident out of the lanes. chopper 4 moved to i-66. let's take a look eastbound and westbound as you move toward the beltway. a travel speed from fairfax county parkway. right now not bad from fairfax county parkway. it will take you 11 minutes to get to the beltway on i-66. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron, over to you. right now breaking news from iraq. a series of car bombs exploded across the country, killing at least 17 people and injuring dozens of others. the deadliest explosion happened in the city of kirkuk. four car bombs exploded there. an hour later another parked car exploded at an army patrol west of kirkuk. also an iraqi army patrol. another car bomb exploded in central baghdad. killed one person and injured nine others. iraqi investigators believe insurgents targeted a military convoy. another car bomb exploded in a village market south of baghdad.
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defense secretary leon panetta is offering support to the top u.s. commander in baghdad even as he's under investigation for e-mails he received. his nomination to head european command is on hold pending the investigation. >> no one should leap to any conclusions. no one should leap to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job at isap in leading those forces. he certainly has my continued confidence to lead our forces and to continue the fight. but his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. and we will. >> allen is accused of having questionable communications with jill kelley, a social liaison to a tampa air force base. it was kelly who reportedly received threatening e-mails
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from paula broadwell who was reportedly having an affair with david petraeus, which led to his resignation. the testimony regarding the deadly bombing attack on the embassy in benghazi, libya, will go on withouteneral petraeus. senator dianne feinstein says she still expects petraeus to testify about the attacks even if it doesn't come today. congressional leaders say it's important for petraeus to testify because he visited libya shortly after the attack. >> the petraeus scandal will likely come up this afternoon as the president holds his first news conference since the election. president obama will also meet with business leaders to avoid the economic disaster. he sat down yesterday with labor leaders to get their input. the president will meet with congressional leaders to discuss the fiscal cliff on friday. and we'll carry the president's news conference this afternoon live at 1:30. congress looks for answers
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into the deadly meningitis outbreak. lead erds from the fda and the massachusetts department of health are expected to testify at today's hearing in front of the house energy and commerce committee. this comes as a congressional report shows federal health investigators actually wanted to shut down the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the outbreak in 2002. the fda reports the pharmacy had multiple violations but stayed open on the promise that it would work harder on improving conditions. nearly 440 people became sick and 32 people in 19 states have died from the tainted injections, including in maryland and virginia. also today on the hill house minority leader nancy pelosi holding a press conference later this morning. she's expected to announce whether she'll seek another term as a minority leader. maryland's chris van holland is on the short list if pelosi leaves. toyota recalls millions of cars across the world. the automaker is recalling 2.77 million cars because of steering
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prob problems and a defective water pump. the affected models include the prius hybrid, the toyota corolla and the wish. the company says there have been no crashes or injuries reported due to any of these problems. start saving change now. tolls on the dulles toll road could double over the next three years. the airport authority will vote on whether to approve the hike today. it would start with a 50 cent raise next year to $2.75. then tolls would jump to $3.50 by 2014 and $4.50 by 2015. the hike is primarily to help fu fund the construction of metro's silver line to dulles. tolls are expected to account for half of the line's $5.6 billion price tag. >> a traffic alert for drivers in d.c. crews are repaving pennsylvania avenue to prepare for the inauguration. they're expected to prepare a stretch of pennsylvania avenue between 3rd and 14th streets northwest.
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most of the paving will happen overnight and should take about ten days to complete. the inauguration is monday, january 21st. today former d.c. councilman kwame brown will begin six months of house arrest. a judge sentenced brown yesterday on a bank fraud charge. he pleaded guilty earlier this year to overstating his income when he applied for bank loans. he resigned from the d.c. council this summer. brown also received two years probation and has to complete 400 hours of community service. the judge also sentenced brown to one day in jail, which he served right away. right after the break, a big arrival that's a sign of things to come.
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today crews will deliver an 80 foot tall norway spruce to rockefeller center. it comes from mt. olive, new jersey. the tree lighting ceremony scheduled for november 28. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. here's meteorologist tom kierein with your cold forecast. tom? >> good morning. your most important article of clothing hanging on the hook by the door, your winter coat, and you'll need it. we are at or below freezing the entire region. down into the teens, some of the portions of eastern west virginia. closer to washington, we're in the upper 20s to just near 30 degrees in the nearby suburbs. reagan national at the warm waters of the potomac at 37. clarksburg, northern montgomery county, getting above freezing by 8:00 a.m. by noontime, low 40s with bright sunshine. not much of a warmup for the
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region throughout the day. hour by hour, light breezes out of the north and northeast. highs reaching the upper 40s by midafternoon with lots of sunshine. a look at the next seven days in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with the rails. taking the marc camden south 841, still reporting delays of ten minutes. metro and vre no delays at this time. eastbound 295 at western avenue, had construction there. it's now clear. it was just allowing the left lane to get by. 295 slow riverdale road, and then you're just jammed. 50 as well. i'll give you a live look 50 at 410. you can see bumper to bumper delays continue. back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. 6:12 now. a really scary moment at a sporting event not involving one of the players. and a famous diamond sells for a report price.
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if you're in the market for an iphone, you may not have to wait long for a new model. apple is getting ready to test a new iphone. we just got the iphone 5 last month. as aaron just said, tech experts say a trial run of the new
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version could happen next month. full production could start early next year. no word yet on what features the iphone 5s might have. this is getting ridiculous. and the crazy thing is people will get in line and buy the new one too. it's now harder for thieves to make a buck off a stolen smart phone. the u.s. and mexico both signed a resolution on the issue. it calls for cell phone providers to refuse to activate stolen devices. theft of cell phones and other mobile devices jumped 54% since 2007. the man who accused a sesame street puppeteer of having an underaged sexual relationship is dropping those charges. the now 23-year-old man accused elmo performer kevin clash of beginning a relationship with him when he was 16, but the law firm who represents that man released a statement saying the relationship was between consenting adult. clash released his own statement saying he was relieved the allegation was put to rest. he will not say whether he'll return from a leave of absence.
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one day before he was supposed to marry two time soccer player hope solo. jerramy stevens was taken into custody after some fight at solo's health. they arrested stevens on suspicion of assaulting solo, who did have scrapes. solo is not cooperating with police. no word on whether the couple went through with their ed wedding, which was supposed to happen yesterday. a single engine plane crashed last night in jackson, causing a huge fire. all three pilots on board died. a person inside the home escaped with minor injuries. investigators say the plane had just taken off from a nearby airport on its way to an faa safety conference. the pilot asked permission to return to the airport shortly after takeoff, about you it never made it back. this morning two snowboarders are waking up in warm beds after spending three days stranded on mt. rainier.
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rescuers found them yesterday morning but it took hours to get them to the ground. the snowboarders used snow caves for shelter. for food they ate crackers and melted snow to drink water. police say their positive attitude kept them alive. good grades were be the only pleasant surprise yesterday for chicago. parents who picked up report cards in person and attended a parent-teacher conference got a $25 walgreens gift card. fans call it a reward. critics call it a bribe. according to the school system, the schools chosen for the program have struggled with parental involvement in the past. this is not the first time chicago has used gift cards as an incentive. in june the police department started giving out $100 gift cards in exchange for guns. what do you do with a 76 carat diamond? somebody out there has that very dilemma. arch duke joseph diamond was sold in switzerland yesterday for $21.5 million.
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the 76 carat stone is flawless. it's the largest colorless diamond in the world. it was named for archduke joseph of austria. he was the grandson of a roman emperor and a french king. christie's isn't saying who bought the diamond. whoever it is will have to pay a hefty commission to christie's. will it make a nice necklace? >> how big is that? i can't tell. >> when you hear 76, you think it would take up your entire fist. it's not. it's gorgeous. >> you can make it work. >> i can make it work. today we'll find out if the nationals can make it three straight postseason awards this week. >> major league baseball will announce the sigh krung award winner. gio gonzalez considered a contender. davey johnson won manager of the year. he won the position in 1997 as well with the orioles. he resigned after the day he won over a dispute with the team's
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owner. johnson joked he hopes things will be different this time around. >> if we didn't win the division, i thought i'd get fired. and if i won this award, i thought i'd get fired. hopefully, i can live through getting this award and manage the nationals in 2013. >> i'm going to go ahead and say it's a sure thing, davey. the team announced already that johnson will be back next year. breaking news right now in prince george's county near the d.c. line. derrick ward is live with details. >> good morning. we are at the intersection of 37th street and rhode island avenue in the town of mt. rainier. about 5:00 a.m. police got a report of a shooting here on 37th street. when they arrived, they found a male suffering from a gunshot wound. that person was transported to a hospital, we are told, in critical condition. there's not a lot of information about the victim at this point. we don't know the age of the person, only that it was a male, and at this point police have not posted any sort of lookout. still an active investigation continues. traffic is flowing by rhode
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island avenue, but you'll have to be aware of police activity. again, a shooting at 37th and rhode island avenue in the town of mt. rainier. mt. rainier police as well as prince george's county police are on the scene. we'll have details as they become available. we're live in mt. rainier, news 4, back to you. >> derrick ward, thank you. 6:24 is the time. we turn to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with a look at the forecast. >> cold air in place for the next few days. we'll have this clear sky with us for the rest of the day. right now as you step off, getting off to work and school this morning, make sure you got your winter coat. it's right down near or below freezing most of virginia, most of maryland, except right near the waters and near the tidal potomac. elsewhere, it's even colder. central shenandoah valley in the mountains. many locations in the 20s and even upper teens in a few locations. the rest of the day, bright and
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sunny with locations reaching 50. friday and saturday, still very chilly. then a coastal storm might bring us rain and wind late on sunday and into monday depending on how close it comes. stay tuned, we'll keep you posted on that. i'm bag in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. >> good morning. the earlier construction southbound 95 at eastern avenue. put a call out to ddot because these delays are growing. ddot reports it should be clear, but unfortunately it's a late clearing. still seeing possibly cones up in the right lane. on bw parkway southbound from the beltway to eastern avenue, you're at a five-mile backup and jammed bumper to bumper. let's head over to route 50, you're looking at a four-mile backup. here's a live look at 4 s10. i would urge you to not ruin your morning and take 50 to i-95. use the local roads. right after this, a real scare in a basketball game.
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>> plus a maryland bus driver goes after a passenger.
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papa john's being sued by customers angry over unwanted text messages. some customers say they got 15 messages in a row, sometimes in the middle of the night. plaintiffs say they didn't sign up for any texts. a scary moment during last night's knicks-orlando magic game. a cheerleader slipped during a stunt and fell to the floor head first. hard to watch the video. the medical staff took her to the stretcher, and she appears to be in considerable pain. she did go to the hospital. no word on extent of her injuries this morning. you can see her waving there. hopefully, she's going to be okay. very scary and hard to watch. coming up on 6:27 right now. ahead, the head scratching 911
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call made by one of the women involved in the petraeus scandal.
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breaking news out of laurel. we're looking at a shooting at the walmart off bw parkway. news 4's tony tull. what are we learning? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. just about the same thing as a half hour ago. anne arundel police responded to this walmart off 295 and 198 in laurel. i just want to show you a picture of the scene. still very, very active and very evolving. they actually have the entire parking lot blocked off. one of the sergeants told me they're investigating the entire parking lot as well as inside the walmart, but no word on where exactly that shooting happened. when we got on scene, we did see police officers talking to a few
6:31 am
witnesses outside as well as looking through a few cars. that's about all the information that police are giving out right now. again, aaron, as i said, a very, very evolving scene at this walmart off 198 near 295 in laurel. we are going to continue to stay on this story. you can also check in with with all the updates. >> tauony tull, thank you. and to you, welcome back on this wednesday morning. some cold temperatures. today we will learn more about virginia's plan to handle any snow that comes our way this winter. the virginia department of transportation will show off new equipment they have at their disposal in northern virginia. they'll also go over the area's snow removal plan and budget. right now no storm but freezing temperatures. >> tom kierein on the storm team 4 weather deck. it is freezing. just a little way away from the
6:32 am
water, reagan national is above freezing. we are a partly to clear sky, and temperatures, some breezes coming in out of the north and northwest and northeast. down into the upper 20s to low 30s. even dipped into the upper teens in parts of eastern west virginia on this wednesday morning. does feel more like a winter morning than mid-november. there's the view from space. just a few clouds drifting through. we'll have them from time to time. the rest of the day, lots of sunshine. by noontime, ought to be in the mid-40s. sunrise at 6:50. by midafternoon, upper 40s. breezes around the northeast gusting to around 15 miles an hour. sunset at 4:55 today. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. a look now at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. a couple problems to look out for. in this first 4 traffic report, we're going to start in virginia first. i-95 northbound at fairfax
6:33 am
county parkway. you can see a crash in the right shoulder lane. right lane blocked, and possibly, yes, two right lanes blocked. so you're forced to drive in the left lanes here. let's talk about delays. you're really jammed, especially making your way to lorton. delays start out of the quantico. will take you 48 minutes to get to the beltway as of right now. let's head over this time, as you travel out of columbia, along 29. here's a live look making your way past 198, your volume is increasing. as you get closer to east randolph road, it will be stop and go as you head towards the beltway. aaron, over to you. >> danella, thank you. this morning police say a 17-year-old is locked up connected to the death of a taxicab driver and a mother in waldorf. police say they first arrested 17-year-old joshua mebane for the death of mohammed kadeer. police found his burning body inside a cab near gallaudet university in the district. then police say a tip linked mebane to the shooting of teresa bass in waldorf. she was shot to death while
6:34 am
walking along a trail with her husband. the teen lived a half mile from the bass home. neighbors say the arrest offers some reassurance for their community. >> certainly relieved that there's been an apprehension in this case, that the community's been on edge. we have certainly felt our hearts go out to that family. >> charles county detectives say forensic tests showed shell casings from the waldorf murder scene matched a gun found in mebane's home. the teen's girlfriend, linda bury, is also in jail facing charges in the cab driver's death. day two of testimony picks up in the murder trial for a bowie university student. alexis simpson is accused of stabbing her roommate dominique frazier to death last year. the two got into a fight over loud music in a dorm. in court frazier's friends testified that simpson was the aggressor. defense attorneys say simpson once tried to get a new roommate because she was afraid, but that request was denied. a bus driver in baltimore is
6:35 am
suspended after a fight caught on camera. you can see a girl punching and kicking the driver as she tried to pin the girl down. other passengers moved out of the way. the person who posted the video on youtube said the driver became angry because the teen was playing her music too loudly. according to the "baltimore sun," maryland transit police launched an investigation. a maryland health care organization will ask to increase maryland's tobacco tax. the maryland health care for all coalition is calling for a $1 increase. in 2007, the legislature doubled the state's tobacco tax from $1 to $2. earlier this year they voted in favor of increases on tobacco products other than cigarettes. many anti-smoking groups believe that raising the price of tobacco products will deter smoking, especially in teens. today's maryland's biggest casino is getting ready to up the ante and install table games. maryland live will have 120
6:36 am
table games. owner david cordish will go over the redesign and announce when 24-hour gaming will begin. they say the table games will create 1,200 jobs. he plans to open a dealer training school in january. maryland live is looking for staff for a new restaurant called the prime rib, which will open in december. they're holding a job fair today between 11:00 and 3:00 at the casino. servers, bussers, hostesses, and cooks are available. today we expect a big announcement from a former virginia state senator. jean marie davis is expected to delay she'll run for lieutenant governor next year. that announcement will happen in richmond this morning. she's already created a website called she is married to congressman bob davis. and she recently served as budget director of the virginia
6:37 am
liaison office in d.c. d.c. is planning to have fewer ambulances in service between 1:00 and 7:00 a.m. fire chief kenneth ellerbe formally announced the plan yesterday. he says it's in response to the district's ever growing population. critics of the plan say redistributing emergency personnel could end up putting people's lives at risk. ellerbe must win over union representatives, and the d.c. council must approve before it can take effect. what a man in washington considers the ideal woman and what he's willing to spend. >> i'm raising my eyebrows. speaking of spending, some local drivers won't like this, and the toll that is going up.
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your morning cup of joe might be doing more than waking you up. it could put a smile on your face. german scientists gave volunteers the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee. they were able to pick out more positive words quickly. it did not produce the same result when it came to negative
6:41 am
words. scientists say this may be because caffeine stimulates areas of the brain that causes positivity. 6:41. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. it looks nice out there. >> that picture will make you feel good. >> right, and after that cup of coffee, you won't feel cold, you'll feel brisk. a northerly breeze around 5 to 10 miles an hour at our below freezing most of the region now. hometown forecast franconia, fairfax koicounty. by 8:00 a.m., mid-30s with sunshine. by the launch hour, mid-40s with sunshine. here's the forecast for the whole region. by later today, we'll be climbing into the upper 40s by midafternoon. winds gusting around 15 miles an hour out of the northeast. it will feel chiller than that. a look at changes on the way for the rest of the week and the weekend, seven day outlook in ten minutes.
6:42 am
a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. slow start around the area. let's talk about 2 35i9. from powder mill road, about an eight mile delay as you make your way towards eastern avenue. southbound on 295, let's head over to 50. still seeing delays. from the beltway, a five mile backup as you make your way towards connecticut avenue. a crash on the left shoulder lane. still seeing delays on fairfax county parkway. 44 minutes to head northbound to the beltway. 395 northbound approaching the 14th street bridge. right lane blocked by a crash, and delays are growing. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. 6:42. news 4's derrick ward live with new information on breaking news in prince george's county. derrick? >> we're here at in mt. rainier. take a look at the scene here halfway down the block at 37th street is where investigators
6:43 am
are focusing their attention on what we understand is now a death investigation. it was 5:00 a.m. when police got the call, the report of a shooting here in this block of 37th street. when they arrived, they found an adult male suffering from what we're told is a gunshot wound. that person was transported to a hospital in critical condition. we now are told this is a death investigation. this happened less than a block away from a firehouse. presumably, first responders came from that firehouse to here.
6:44 am
president obama will have his first news conference since winning re-election. nbc 4 is expected to provide live coverage of the event at 1:30. today the current cia leader will fill in congress. mike morrell went over the details of general petraeus' resignation with senate leader dianne feinstein and ranking republican saxby chambliss. meanwhile, leon panetta is offering his support to general john allen, who is also embroiled in the scandal. >> no one should leap to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job. at isap in leading those forces. he certainly has my continued confidence to lead our forces
6:45 am
and to continue the fight. his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. and we will. >> marine general john allen is accused of sending and receiving inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley, a social liaison to a tampa air force base. kelley, who reportedly received threatening e-mails from paula broadwell, who was having an affair with former cia director general petraeus. >> jill kelley has no state department status. she's a volunteer. she didn't always give that impression. >> i'm an honorary consul general, so i have invulnerability. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well. >> kelley placed that call to police last weekend when she was upset about the media camped in front of her house. as for that diplomatic license plate on her car, it was a gift. we are wait to go see if congressman jesse jackson jr.
6:46 am
joins his fellow lawmakers in washington today. he left the mayo clinic for a second time yesterday but didn't say where he was going. even his staff is keeping quiet about his whereabouts. you're looking at file video here. the illinois democrat has been on a medical leave since june. he's been treated for bipolar disorder and other issues. jackson is reportedly under federal investigation as well for his dealings with former illinois governor rod blagojevich. house minority leader nancy pelosi holding a press conference today. she's expected to announce. she was speaker of the house from 2006 to 2010. maryland's chris van holland is on the replacement short list if pelosi decided not to run, but he's on the record saying he believes she will run again today. today the fda will testify on the deadly meningitis outbreak. a congressional report shows federal health investigators wanted to shut down the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the outbreak back in 2002. the fda reports the pharmacy had
6:47 am
multiple violations but stayed open on the premise it would work harder on improving conditions. nearly 440 people have become sick and 32 people in 19 states have died from the tainted injections, including in maryland and virginia. 13 before the hour now, the cost of sandy continues to rise. senators from seven different states have petitioned for more federal aid money. senators from maryland and west virginia, among others, asking president obama to request more emergency aid from federal disaster assistance programs. they say the extra money will help speed recovery efforts along the coast. new york governor andrew cuomo has already said damage is in the $30 billion range. the head of the long island power authority has resigned after facing mounting criticism falling superstorm sandy. more than 10,000 people in long island still without power. hundreds protested the company last week saying it's simply unacceptable for power not to be
6:48 am
restored. new york governor andrew cuomo slammed all l state's power company, but especially long island power for their slow response time. in iraq several car bombs detonated killing 14 people and injuring several others across iraq. the most explosive happened in the city of kirkuk, where four car bombs exploded. about an hour later, another exploded 40 miles west of kirkuk. another exploded in central baghdad killing one person and injuring nine others. they believe insurgents targeted a convoy, and another exploded in a village market south of baghdad. no one is claiming responsibility for these attacks. d.c. police trying to learn what led to a triple shooting at a gas station. this happened at the bp on benning road in east capitol street northeast last night. two men and a woman went to the hospital. police say someone fired shots inside the convenience store and took off. so far, no arrests. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown will be spending the next six months in his home.
6:49 am
a federal judge sentenced him to six months of house arrest yesterday. brown pled guilty earlier this year to bank fraud. he admits to lying about his income when applying for loans. brown apologized for his actions yesterday. he must also complete 400 hours of community service. and a former maryland state delegate convicted of stealing from the general assembly may sue to get her seat back. tiffany alston took $800 from the assembly to pay an employee at her private law firm. she was removed from office after her sentencing, wihich is required by the state constitution. alston's lawyers argue she should still be allowed to serve because a judge reduced her sentence. a house speaker or governor may have the final say on whether she can return. this morning a major worldwide recall from toyota. cnbc's seema mody live with the details. >> good morning. toyota is recalling nearly 2.8 million vehicles worldwide to fix a defect that could lead to problems with steering and with the water pump. most other vehicles were sold
6:50 am
overseas. only about 600,000 in the u.s. the models include the prius hybrid and the toyota corolla manufactured between 2000 and last year. in other news, facebook stock could potentially be under pressure today as several former employees and early investors in the social networking giant will be allowed to sell their shares. nearly 800 million shares could be on the move. the largest since facebook's ipo in may. that will double the amount of shares in the market. ceo mark zuckerberg has said in the past he won't be selling. he won't unload any more shares before next september. back to you. >> seema mody at cnbc. thank you. a heads up for facebook users. in you're in a relationship on the site, you created a new profile page. facebook is facing criticism over the new couples profile pages. it features photos and conversations between the two people. some people aren't happy over the latest change, calling it a true invasion of privacy. you can't even opt out of the
6:51 am
new pages. d.c. men have a type, apparently. they prefer smart blonds. the online dating and auction website, what's your surveyed 5,000 guys in d.c. on preferences for hair color, education, and social habits. according to those men, the perfect woman is blond with green eyes. they prefer -- the men do, a social drinker who does not smoke, and a woman who has a masters degree. the website measures desirability based on the amount of money a man is willing to spend on a first date with a perfect woman. based on the website, a d.c. man is about to spend $250 on a first date with that perfect woman who meets all that criteria. >> i just find that i can't say anything without getting into trouble. if you have nothing further to say, i'm going to tom kierein. >> it's an interesting survey. $250 is a lot of money for dinner on a first date. >> hi, tom. >> i'm not even going to touch it.
6:52 am
>> how ps athe weather out there? >> i've come to rescue you. >> is it cold? >> good morning. starting off this morning a live view from our hd 4 city camera. on this december morning. i know it says november, but i'm calling it december. that's what it feels like. reagan national, sun just now coming up, 37. typical more of mid-december than it is mid-november. we've got a wind coming in out of the north at around 8, 9, 10 miles an hour. it feels even colder than that. that 37 degrees, there's the airport in the foreground. right on the warm the wa ers of the potomac. you get a half mile away from the airport and the waters, it's below freezing. that includes all of maryland, all of virginia. just a few clouds to our north and west right now. throughout the morning hours, we are going to stay cold. probably at or below freezing for the next couple of hours. that includes all of virginia, maryland, eastern shore, except
6:53 am
right near the waters. out of the mountains, some locations in west virginia in the upper teens. canaan valley around davis, upper teens. el kins, 8:00 a.m. temperatures still near or above freezing with some sunshine. temperatures will pick up by the lunch hour out of the northeast at 5 to 15 miles an hour. low to mid-40s by then. upper 40s by midafternoon with lots of sun. partly sunny tomorrow. cold mornings, chilly afternoons all the way into the weekend. coastal storms still looking like might give us some rain and wind maybe late sunday night into monday. we'll keep you posted on that. if it changes, it will make a big difference in our weather. let's check on traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. just into the first 4 traffic office. if you're traveling westbound rhode island avenue at south dakota avenue, you're going to see the left lanes blocked because of a disabled tractor-trailer. i-95 at the 14th street bridge, that earlier crash all lined up
6:54 am
in your shoulder lane. travel lanes are open as you head towards the 14th street bridge. let's head over to i-66 eastbound, live look at sully. usual delays. but heads up, if you're traveling 66 eastbound at 50, report of a disabled vehicle there blocking at least one of your lanes. over to the beltway, usual speed there. live at colesville road. delays start at i-95. it will take you 21 minutes to get to i-270. eun, over to you. you might want to start saving extra change for rides on the dulles toll road. rates could double over the next three years. it would start with a 50 cent raise next year to $2.75. then tolls would jump to $3.50 by 2014 and $4.50 by 2015. the hike is primarily to fund the construction of metro's silver line to dulles. tolls are expected to account for half of the line's $5.6 billion price tag. we have a traffic alert for downtown d.c. right now. cyclists and drivers need to
6:55 am
share a stretch of pennsylvania avenue between 3rd and 14th street northwest for about ten days. crews are repaving pennsylvania avenue to get ready for the inauguration in january. the work will mostly take place overnight. breaking news out of laurel, maryland. police investigating a shooting at the walmart near the bw parkway. that is where we find tony tull live. tony, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. anne arundel police still trying to collect clues this morning. a live look at the scene. very, very big crime scene. anne arundel county police have blocked off the entire parking lot here at this walmart off 295 and 198 in laurel. happened early this morning around 4:30 or 5:00. anne arundel county police responded to this walmart. not quite sure if the shooting happened inside or outside. we're still waiting for information from police. we've seen them looking at cars this morning. we've seen plenty of officers going in and outside of the walmart. just a few minutes ago, detectives arrived on scene. we're hoping to get a few words in just a couple of minutes with an update on exactly what
6:56 am
happened here this morning. again, no traffic delays. they just have the parking lot blocked off. no worries if you're going down 198 this morning. an early morning shooting in laurel. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you more as we get it. >> thank you, tony. >> let's check the forecast before we head out the door, tom. it is cold. does feel more like december than november. at or below freezing much of the region now. wear your warmest winter gear. a bit of a blustery wind coming in out of the north right now. lots of sun today, highs upper 40s. chill remains into the weekend. danella, how are we doing now? late clearing construction still slowing you down, bw parkway, eight mile backup from powder mill road from eastern avenue. back over to you. >> thank you, danella. that is "news 4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, and any breaking news.
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